Textiles 3d printing - Tshirt - Marte
Textiles 3d printing - Tshirt - Marte
Make Circular Fabrics in your workshop!

Launching soon our device for 3d printing TRANSFORMABLE TEXTILES.
By feeding the machine with real yarns you obtain shaped pieces of fabric ready to be assembled as a garment, and later easy to be fully disassembled by the same device to obtain, once again, yarns.
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Why Marte is different

We are building a sustainable and ethical future for fashion

Do you think you control the way you express yourself through clothing? Or, someone else does?

Apparel industry mass produce garments and accessories that noone asked for...have you ever heard about unsold? Warehouses full of stock that will be destroyed after a while, even if they travelled all over the world to get there.


Reduced waste
Less Carbon Emissions
Produce on Demand
Local Production
Assisted Design
Same quality over sites
3d printed textiles - Tshirt - Marte Labs.
Textiles Manufacturing Automation
Fast Prototyping
Fast Samples
& Prototypes
Produce on Demand
Sell First
then Make
Make it Custom
Fully Customizable
Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit
on Body
Device with button
How It Works

We expand creativity! You feed yarns, Marte makes the magic for you!

Thanks to our patent technologies your Marte device is able to create non-woven textiles by precisely arranging layers of uncut yarns and connecting them together. With Marte you can produce:

  • the right amount of fabric
  • using any yarn and thread
  • the exact shape you need
  • at the moment you need it

Now, you are ready to assemble your next favourite garment! No need for cutting, so you have time for your creativity! You can also mix look and function by using different yarns, so you can get into a finished piece, at the same time, lining, fusing, your logo, etc... As we said before, You Decide!

Limitless creation

Fashion ready made, in your HANDS

Your MARTE device is the creative assitant you were looking for! Now, you have more time to communicate your creativity!

Assisted Design Software, easy like Drag-n-Drop!

As a Start Up,
we need Your support!

If you found what we do valuable for you or your friends, please share it on your social and talk to friends!


Frequently Asked Questions

Media Enquiries

Who Are You, Guys?

We are a Start Up based in Italy, born in 2020. Our team is composed of Lorenzo, founder and fashion designer, an engineer and a physicist with valuable support of friends and family.

What Does MARTE Mean?

Is it an Italian acronym for Robotic Textile Machines or the English one for Recyclable Textiles Manufacturing ? Know more by reading our Blog.

Where Can I Get a Device?

We are working hard to develop and test a first prototype of our Marte device. Stay tuned and subscribe to our Newsletter as we plan to open a pre-order list soon.

Where Can I Find your App?

Nowaday, you can discover everything about us on YouTube. Demos, video tutorials and our lab diary is on our channel! Don't forget to Subscribe to get fresh updates as soon as we are ready to launch beta version.

Are You Looking for Funding?

Yes, we are! In particular we are looking for seed funding to grow brand awareness and social media as well as to refine our bonding technologies.

Do You Need Me to Share?

Yes, please ;) We do believe that a more sustainable and ethical fashion is possible, we care as you do about environment and communities, around the corner or from other side of the world. We do not believe in exploitation and unfair trade.